Having a electric car is pretty nice, except when charging does not work :D

Finished and printed the design today. Other problems occurred that stopped the project, so I'm a bit sad that it didn't work. But learned some more 3d design in the process so eh :3

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Was going to create a quick thing in Fusion and now it is 2 hours later :D

Been playing stardew valley lately and it's such a nice chill game :3

For once it did not smell like trash outside my workplace in Oslo. Today it was the pleasant smell of freshly baked waffles!

Managed to completely trash one of my kubernetes clusters by accident. Was not happy with having to rebuild it, but at least it's better now and with proper backup :P

Happy birthday to the bestest sharky boyfriend! @Nitrammn@twitter.com ❤️

Soldered together a SCSI network card project for the Mac, and was able to access the retro hackaday page from the SE/30 :D

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I hope that I manage to fix the Mac and make it work better! Going to recap it the coming week if the parts come quick :3

I'm surprised how smooth the bottom of a print is when using a fresh pei sheet as a print surface :D

Assembling some shelves, and now the screws just dissappeared! Been looking all over and they are nowhere to be found :D

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