Been playing stardew valley lately and it's such a nice chill game :3

For once it did not smell like trash outside my workplace in Oslo. Today it was the pleasant smell of freshly baked waffles!

Managed to completely trash one of my kubernetes clusters by accident. Was not happy with having to rebuild it, but at least it's better now and with proper backup :P

Happy birthday to the bestest sharky boyfriend! ❤️

Soldered together a SCSI network card project for the Mac, and was able to access the retro hackaday page from the SE/30 :D

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I hope that I manage to fix the Mac and make it work better! Going to recap it the coming week if the parts come quick :3

I'm surprised how smooth the bottom of a print is when using a fresh pei sheet as a print surface :D

Assembling some shelves, and now the screws just dissappeared! Been looking all over and they are nowhere to be found :D

Been fiddling with kubernetes stuff today. A bit more complicated than I'm used to but learning more and more :D

Picked up animal crossing again after not playing for a long while. Forgot how nice and relaxing it is. One of my villagers complained that I was gone long though :P

As I have a camera that takes photos to floppy disks, I figured that I should get one that can take photos to minidisc also as I love minidisc!
And I actually found one! The sony MZ-DH10P

Did another two hours of beat saber today. It's very fun! I need to get some more songs though, and see if there is a better way of managing it in game

Seems like there was some file permission issues, but I think those should be resolved now.. I hope :P

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Managed to run out of space on my tiny vps I'm running mastodon on, so I migrated over to a more flexible solution. Not sure how much broke in the process, but so far everything looks good :3

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