Needed a DIN mount for a DC-DC converter so I modified a existing design for something similar and made it work with this converter. Fits perfectly!

I'm currently assembling a project box, and figuring out where I want all the holes drilled is a bit more difficult than expected. I don't have a spare of the plates so have to get it right on the first try :P

Digikey really impress me with their order processing times. I ordered some stuff one hour ago and I just got a mail that the package is dispatched. They even had a note on the page saying processing times might be longer than usual

Made Carbonara from scratch for the first time and it was very good! :3

Hey when will you allow Norwegians to purchase your devices?

Managed to mount the antenna and rack the symmetricom earlier today. Now it's ready for use :3

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Even though this HP 200LX is over 25 years old it's still super useful as a portable serial console for switches and other gear

Went on a forest trip with to a tower with a nice view. Underestimated the distance so we are a bit worn out now :P

I wonder if this package will ever leave Chicago, or if USPS just loved the content so much they had to keep it :D

Oh no, I got recommended some videos on fancy coffee grinders/brewers.. I don't need another expensive hobby to obsess over D:

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