Spent all evening playing pinball with the visual pinball software thingy.. Kinda want to build a video pinball cabinet now, but I have no room for it :P

Spent all evening troubleshooting a dead mikrotik router after a firmware upgrade and eventually concluded that it was completely dead. Ordered a new one as it was not that expensive. After this I plugged it in again just for fun and it started up like nothing had happened <.<

I also have a juniper firewall I considered using, but it's a bit too limiting to use as a "all in one" home router box..

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Looking at replacing my pfsense router with opnsense.. But also want to play with vyos but that would probably just make things more difficult :P

Did a 8 hour 3d print, and was almost out of filament by the end :P

I have been playing Hades lately and it is such a good game! :D

Looks more like a standard pi in it's i/o module thingy. Also fun to experiment with nvme on a pi!

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Happy birthday to my sweet barkshark @Nitrammn@twitter.com ♥️♥️

These was pretty nice to play with, however they are getting so outdated that they are more efficient as space heaters than servers now :P

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Doing some tidying and getting rid of a "small" stack of blade servers

Needed a DIN mount for a DC-DC converter so I modified a existing design for something similar and made it work with this converter. Fits perfectly!

I'm currently assembling a project box, and figuring out where I want all the holes drilled is a bit more difficult than expected. I don't have a spare of the plates so have to get it right on the first try :P

Digikey really impress me with their order processing times. I ordered some stuff one hour ago and I just got a mail that the package is dispatched. They even had a note on the page saying processing times might be longer than usual

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