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Planning my trip to NFC and it seems like the weather will be good this time! Hoping that I won't need that many charge stops :D

Fiddling with a esp32 thingy and trying to port a small python library to arduino code, not sure if I'm in over my head as I'm not that good at arduino stuff :P

Today is a pretty nice day to just sit and relax in my pink foxy kigu :3

Ordered a Google home hub thingy, but google cancelled my order because they detected that I was using a reshipping service. Ordered it from a seller on ebay instead for the same price :B

Just watched Blade Runner 1982 for the first time. It was pretty good! Weird, but good! Good soundtrack by Vangelis too :D

Found one of my bad purchases, believed the hype but turned out bad :P

Think I found the solution to all my VPN issues! Wait for (or betatest) pfSense 2.4.4 and the new IPSec stuff :D

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Been fiddling with routing and weird VPN issues today, seems like it would be best to start with clean slates.

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