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I still love using this old HP palmtop as a serial console :D

I just got a super keyboard! Seems to be missing a few keys though

It's a ESP32 that connects to the web api of the heatpump/AC we have and reads out the current status, as this can get out of sync from the remote if I changed it in the app

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Been fiddling with my programming project for some time now and finally have something working!

Had a broken part from a roller blind. Decided to try and copy it in Fusion 360. Never done anything like that before but managed to create a part that works in under 2 hours including print time! Forgot to take a photo of the finished part before I tested it out though :P

I have a Cisco phone here that randomly went off hook for no reason, and suddenly the off-hook switch stopped working all together. Opened it up and fiddled with the contacts and now it works perfectly! <3

Planning my trip to NFC and it seems like the weather will be good this time! Hoping that I won't need that many charge stops :D

Fiddling with a esp32 thingy and trying to port a small python library to arduino code, not sure if I'm in over my head as I'm not that good at arduino stuff :P

Today is a pretty nice day to just sit and relax in my pink foxy kigu :3

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