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I hope that I manage to fix the Mac and make it work better! Going to recap it the coming week if the parts come quick :3

I'm surprised how smooth the bottom of a print is when using a fresh pei sheet as a print surface :D

Assembling some shelves, and now the screws just dissappeared! Been looking all over and they are nowhere to be found :D

Been fiddling with kubernetes stuff today. A bit more complicated than I'm used to but learning more and more :D

Picked up animal crossing again after not playing for a long while. Forgot how nice and relaxing it is. One of my villagers complained that I was gone long though :P

As I have a camera that takes photos to floppy disks, I figured that I should get one that can take photos to minidisc also as I love minidisc!
And I actually found one! The sony MZ-DH10P

Did another two hours of beat saber today. It's very fun! I need to get some more songs though, and see if there is a better way of managing it in game

Seems like there was some file permission issues, but I think those should be resolved now.. I hope :P

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Managed to run out of space on my tiny vps I'm running mastodon on, so I migrated over to a more flexible solution. Not sure how much broke in the process, but so far everything looks good :3

Today has been a productive homelab day! Changed the batteries in a UPS, and fixed the fans and pcie cards in a server, so everything is smooth now :3

Got a surveillance camera for free, not sure what I'm going to use it for :B

Been super tired today, fell asleep on the bus home and usually never do that x.x

Trying to tidy up all the servers and stuff I have laying around. So much stuff and it just takes up space D:

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