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Oh no, I got recommended some videos on fancy coffee grinders/brewers.. I don't need another expensive hobby to obsess over D:

Luckily I had set up backups so got everything up and running again

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Booo... Had to reboot my vcenter homelab and now everything is broken due to a bad SD card D:

Playing with a Juniper srx300. Trying to get used to junos and the syntax, but it's easy to get confused :D

Was only supposed to work 2-3 hours today but ended up being 9+ :D

I got some bootleg Lego a while ago and this firefighter looks like he's the one that puts everything on fire

After two stressful weeks at work it's nice to relax with some nice sunny weather and a drink + BBQ! :3

One baofeng is fine, not sure if I need 8 of the same one though :3

Gave my pink microserver a clean as it was a bit dusty. Looking pretty pink now!

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