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Even though this HP 200LX is over 25 years old it's still super useful as a portable serial console for switches and other gear

Went on a forest trip with to a tower with a nice view. Underestimated the distance so we are a bit worn out now :P

I wonder if this package will ever leave Chicago, or if USPS just loved the content so much they had to keep it :D

Oh no, I got recommended some videos on fancy coffee grinders/brewers.. I don't need another expensive hobby to obsess over D:

Luckily I had set up backups so got everything up and running again

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Booo... Had to reboot my vcenter homelab and now everything is broken due to a bad SD card D:

Playing with a Juniper srx300. Trying to get used to junos and the syntax, but it's easy to get confused :D

Was only supposed to work 2-3 hours today but ended up being 9+ :D

I got some bootleg Lego a while ago and this firefighter looks like he's the one that puts everything on fire

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